• Doctor In Chinese Medicine,

    Acupuncture &

    Medical Qi Gong

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    Who is Doctor "Qi" Love in short?

    Expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and as well as many other ancient medical systems.

    Dr. Love, is well-respected in Holographic Medicine fields and offers a unique and knowledgable take on anatomy and exercise physiology with his fun and entertaining teaching methods, like his Qi Gong Rap!

  • Dr. George Xavier Love, TCM and more

    Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Taoist Tantra,

    Egyptian Mind Science, Lecturer and Community Resource

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    Early Years... Tibetan Medicine

    George Love learned Iyengar Yoga from his favorite aunt who had a yoga studio in her home. He worked at New York Health & Racquet club in the late 70s as a fitness trainer and yoga teacher for five years. He learned Tai chi Chuan from Da Liu (author) in Central Park every Sunday and was invited to his classes at the UN., where he met the Dalai Lama. That meeting led to his studying Tibetan Medicine with the personal physician to the Dalai Lama, Yeshe Donden for a year before he was recalled to the Dharmsala refugee community. At a temporary loss on how to continue his oriental medical education, George found out about an acupuncture school in Montreal and relocated for two years.

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    Master of Acupuncture

    Upon graduation in 1981 he found employment at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx doing Drug detox with auricular therapy and Acupuncture. Because it was the only hospital-based acupuncture program in the country, all the Acupuncture celebrities came to visit. One of them was Professor John B.Y. Lee (Li Bing Yuan). Prof. Lee operated the Longevity and Rejuvenation Institute in Beijing before eight years of incarceration and torture during the Cultural Revolution.
    Prof. Lee encouraged George to quit the hospital and work with him in Chinatown. George learned medical Qigong and both Taoist and Buddhist medicine.
    Under Prof Lee’s tutelage George received his Doctor of Oriental Medicine degree from Ju Shi Lin Taoist Scholars council in 1986. For six years Dr. Love worked in Chinatown before moving to Florida in 1990. Four years later Prof Lee called him with bad news. His wife had a stroke and was living in a nursing home. Prof Lee felt his death was near and wanted to transmit his family lineage of teachings from the 18th century to Dr. Love. He was commanded to write the instruction manual in English and teach the family lineage so that it not be lost. George diligently practiced all of his teachings before deciding he was ready to teach.

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    World-Class Studies 

    After ten years Dr. Love made a vow to introduce Taoist Medical Qigong to the world community of martial arts and yoga. He studied the Ayurveda system (India), The Unani Tibb system (Islamic), the Four Treatises (Tibetan) System, the Qanum (Persian) system, and the Nature Healing (West African) system. Blue Dragon Qigong is the culmination of Spiritual, Martial, and Medical system of Asian Healing arts. His interests have led him to the origin of Medicine in ancient Egypt more properly called Kemet. He teaching Kemetism, Taoism and Tibetan Buddhism as well as Taoist Tantra.


    Since 2012 he is a dedicated international lecturer, teacher, and author of ten books.