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    Saturday Dec. 9th 9:30 am - 12 pm

    Sunday Dec.10th 12-3 pm

    Meta Center 1200 NW 17th ave. Delray 33445


  • Who is Doctor "Qi" Love in short?

    Expert in Traditional Chinese Medicine and as well as many other ancient medical systems, Dr. Love, is well-respected in Holographic Medicine fields and offers a unique and knowledgable take on anatomy and exercise physiology with his fun and entertaining teaching methods, like his Qi Gong Rap!

  • Featured Programs

    Blue Dragon QiGong Lifestyle Training

    90 Days to Build Better Habits

    9 months to Grow a Better Body


    5 Transformations

    #1 Slow Your Brain Waves - Sleep Sex Meditation

    #2 Qi Dance, Rhythm & Breathe

    #3 Seasonal Detox & Asian Food Therapy

    #4 Emotional Flow - Acu-Tapping Therapy

    #5 Integration of Animal, Human and Divine Mind

  • Join our Detox Weekend

    Check out our products.

    Ear Acu-Magnets w/Probe

    Ear Acu-Magnets w/Probe

    Four pairs of magnets to be placed on the ear. Includes eBook 94 pgs.
    Coming soon
    3 Treasures Seasonal Detox weekend

    3 Treasures Seasonal Detox weekend

    Admission to Saturday and Sunday event includes Acu-tapping, Toning, Chanting, Visualization, Body Drumming and Qi Dancing. Explanation of Juice Feasting Protocols
    Coming soon
  • Book Dr. Love for your Event, Conference, Festival, or Community Project!

    Author, Radio Show Host, Retreat Leader and 40 year leader of Blue Dragon Lifestyle Training

    Sleepitation - Journaling, Affirmations & Mantras

    Emotional Balance Enema

    Spiritual Muscle Development

    Doctor Love is now available for bookings in 2024.

    Please contact us directly at:


    Seasonal Detox - Weekly Fruit Fast Monthly Lemon water Fast, Seasonal Juice Feast, Yearly Birthday Fast

    Doctor Love is now available for bookings in 2024.

    Please contact us directly at:


  • Services, Certifications & Transformational Tools

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    Blue Dragon Med Spa

    When you come to Blue Dragon Med Spa
    You are offered Vitality Testing and Therapy
    Testing of blood pressure in wrists and anklesgives us a location of Poor blood

    circulation (ischemia). Qigong stress test gives us recovery rate of heart and lungs. Qigong range of motion test gives us location of joint disfunction.

    Initial Consult by Reverse Aging Specialist -$160

    With prescription by one of our Reverse Aging Specialists you are given 3 exercises to perform daily. These classes can be taught privately ($60), in a group ($20), or online ($50/month). You are also recommended 6 treatments ofAlternative Medicine per month (@$150). Typically, it takes 12 treatments to resolve issues that started more than two years ago.

    Follow up visit you are evaluated for herbal medicine and given herbal prescription in addition to Acupuncture on the Alpha
    Vibes table.

    Next visit we concentrate on Seasonal Detox andguide you through 7 days preparation and 7 days juice feasting.

    On the next visit you are given option to join Lifestyle Training program

    You are recommended six treatments of AlternativeMedicine per month @$150 ea

    If you decide to prepay for six treatments a month for three months, there is a


    6 treatments a month for 3 months ($2700) You will receive a 30% discount ($1890).

    You will receive the Blue Dragon Lifestyle

    12 week Playbook ($129) with coaching and 9 Lifestyle classes – 3 Food therapy prep($225 value),

    3 Private Qigong ($180 Value), and

    3 Meditation classes ($150 Value) at no extra charge. Total Value $3384. you pay only $1890

    There are no refunds for prepaid discounts

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    3 year Certification for Instructor, Reverse Aging & Qi MD

    One year training for each certification

    Qigong Instructor

    Reverse Aging Specialist

    Qi MD (Meridian Directed)

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    Blue Dragon Transformational Tools

    Meridian Therapy Tools, Events

    Retreats, Books, DVDs, courses Herbal tonics and Teas

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